Paris - SS17 Buying

Our third buying trip – and this time we know much better who makes up the bulk of our market!  Buying for a menswear store can be as glamorous as it sounds but at times it’s also a bit of a guessing game.  When we started the process this time last year, we knew which brands we wanted to stock but the store was months away from opening so we had to rely on that gut feeling.  One year on we’re back in Paris to the MAN and Capsule trade shows for the first of our SS17 buying trips (London later this month) and this time we have a much better feel for what you all like!

Buying is done in two separate ways – trade shows where you can view multiple labels in one place or alternatively, going to the brand direct.  Both can be equally exciting as you make your selections and start to paint a picture of how we will all be dressed this time next year.  Now that we have a great spread of labels, the bulk of our buying is done with the brands direct who set up temporary studios around Paris (highlights this year was the Norse selection and those from across the pond).  It's also always good to take a walk around the show in hope of getting that feeling from a brand new to the store. This time we got that feeling with well-known brand YMC. Their tag line is ‘intelligent clothing that is wearable’ and we feel they will sit perfectly next to brands such as Norse, Folk and Universal Works. It will be a wee while from now but we’ll keep you posted when they arrive. We also have new names for Autumn Winter this year - watch this space!